I do not give a shit of facts and figures
"Unrequited love
is like screaming
compliments at the
brightest star and
never having the
sound echo back;
my throat is sore
with want and my
ears are strained
from the silence."

anne, and all the reasons I’m not good enough make up the sky between us. (via anneisrestless)

It’s not easy having to surrender. “You must be brave, you need to move on, you’ll find someone better”..well, guess what? I don’t want Mr. Better, I want HIM. And I feel like someone has stolen my “happily ever after”. I’m tired of moving on…seems like I keep on turning the pages of a book..when something doesn’t work out the way it should, I turn another page. But how many pages will I have to turn? I’m afraid there’ll be not enough pages for me to turn…I’ll finish reading the book and I’ll stare at it thinking “what now?”